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Faster, More Accurate Assembly For Solar Plants
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Tightening + Torque Fine Tuning + Control = QX Connect Tool    

x5.3 times faster tightening with torque control


Cut quality & overtorque related costs


94% less workload in compact PV cell tightening
PAIN: Massive working load

With hundreds of thousands of bolts in the average array – and arrays growing all the time – a complex, labour-intensive tightening process means lost time, lower productivity and increased cost.

Our Solution:

Set the expected torque level on every tool using our mobile app or the display on each tool. Then you’re ready to go, with accurate tightening every time.

PAIN: Overtightening

Checking and adjusting every bolt tightened with simple tools costs you time and money.
What’s more, an average 20% of bolts are overtightened, risking deformation of panels, structures and bolts… and even higher costs.
Our Solution:

QX precision tools with their torque control system and transducer are accurate to around 3% every single time. That means more quality and lower costs due to overtorque deformations, penalties and customer complaints.
PAIN: Difficulties to access bolts

With today’s smaller, more compact PV cells it can be hard to access bolts using standard assembly tools. Manual adjustment is time-consuming and fiddly, and can cause expensive damage.
Our Solution:
With their unique crowfoot, specially designed for solar applications, QX precision tools give you access to every joint – even in the most compact structures.

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