Sterilization and disinfection of reusable equipment such as medical and surgical instruments is crucial to the prevention of the spread of viruses, microorganisms, fungi and bacteria. A a typical autoclave sterilizer, a pump is needed to create a pulsating high pressure steam and vacuum to kill bacteria and microorganisms effectively. Another autoclave design uses hydrogen peroxide plasma to sterilize heat-sensitive, but humidity-resistant equipment.

Whatever method of autoclave sterilization you use, Thomas’ New 8311 Series Diaphragm Pump was designed to satisfy requirements of autoclave related applications, including reliability, longevity, low noise and vibration while supplying stable flow vacuum.

As the importance of sterilization and disinfection processes has peaked during the COVID-19 pandemic, you will be reassured to know that our liquid/gas diaphragm pumps are reliable, efficient, and customizable which makes them ideal for sterilization and disinfection devices.
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