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Find out why TriContinent is the best candidate as your provider of pipettes for liquid handling processes! Here are just a few good reasons for choosing us:

  • Accuracy – TriContinent pipettes can handle fluid volumes from a few microliters up to five mililiters with superior precision
  • Flexibility – the simple mechanical interface of our air displacement pipettes means they can be seamlessly integrated into any liquid handling robotic system
  • Simplicity and security – our pipettes are used with disposable tips, which prevents cross-contamination and carryover, as well as eliminates the need for tubing and priming
  • Customization – we offer Air-Z pipettes in four pre-configured models, but customized designs are also available for custom OEM applications

Download our brochure to take a closer look at our Air-Z pipette models and select the one that best meets your specific process requirements
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