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  • WHO: Gary Hueppchen (Product Manager), Britt Faulkner (Application Engineer)
  • RECORDED:  Thursday, November 19th
  • DURATION: 30 min + 15 min Q&A Time
  • LANGUAGE: English

Webinar on Demand
Selecting the Right Compressor & Liquid Pumps for Chemical Disinfectant Sprayers
Watch our short informative webinar and learn: 

  • Overview of the purpose and function of compressors and liquid pumps in the disinfectant sprayers
  • Compare the various compressors and liquid pumps and gain tips on selecting the best fit for your device  
  • Learn how our value-added engineering can support bringing your device to market faster 
There are many types of disinfectant technologies on the market today: Spray/Wipe, Misting, Fogging, Spraying, and even UVC Lighting.  

Compressors and liquid pumps are at the core of chemical disinfection spraying systems, and selecting the right technology and unit is the key for the disinfection system performance and longevity. 

Whether you are designing a backpack, transportable, or rolling cart sprayers, or considering Thomas as a supplier for your existing products, there are several factors to consider when specifying pumps and compressors for your device. 

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