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Valued for their variable output and reliability, as well as efficient performance, brushless DC (BLDC) motors have been increasingly used by OEMs in recent years.

Numerous markets and applications have benefited BLDC technology, including portable applications with low energy consumption and/or cordless operation requirements. However, the fact that any such motor needs a motor controller in order to operate has been preventing some potential users from embracing the technology over cost and technical complexity concerns.

Thomas is revolutionizing the BLDC pump and compressor market by introducing the 380Z and 2380Z BLDC models equipped with an integral motor controller and a speed selector that are making these products both extremely user-friendly and fit for a broad range of uses.

Download our brochure and white paper to discover how you can make the best of the enormous flexibility of the new platform that allows you to select the flow and speed to best suit your unique needs. All you need to do is follow the provided simple instructions, and not worry about installation problems or additional costs.

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