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  • WHO: Mik Bajka (Business and Application Development) and Oleg Berg (Syringe Pump Product Manager)
  • RECORDED:  July 30th, 2020
  • DURATION: 40 min + 15 min Q&A Time
  • LANGUAGE: English
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Watch Part I of Simplifying the Supply Chain Webinar Series:
Selecting and Sourcing Pumps for In Vitro Diagnostic Devices

Part I: Positive Displacement and Air Displacement
Syringe Pumps for IVD Applications
Watch the recorded webinar to gain the following insights:

  • Overview of the purpose and function of positive displacement and air displacement syringe pumps in the IVD workflow
  • Understand how these pumps are used in testing for viruses, including COVID-19
  • Compare the features and benefits of syringe pump technology
  • Learn how to select the best fit for your IVD application, NGS, and POC instrumentation
A variety of pumps are required in clinical chemistry, hematology, urinalysis, hemostasis analysis, immunology and microbiology to dose reagents, dispense bodily fluids, clean needles, and remove residues. Whatever pump type is needed for in vitro diagnostics, there is one global supplier that offers them all: Ingersoll Rand Medical.

Join Mik Bajka and Oleg Berg from our TriContinent Brand for an informational webinar and learn how syringe pumps are applied to the in vitro diagnostics workflow, next gen sequencing, and point of care instrumentation.  

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